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Registered in 1989, Tarascani Maine Coons is one of the longest established Maine Coon Cat breeders in the U.K. We specialise in breeding well-adjusted hoolicoons who will take over your life with a benign despotism. If you are interested in applying for the position of bodyslave, adventure playground and bed there is a list of kittens ready to interview you on the Kittens for Sale Page in the Kitten Pages (click the link in the menu bar).


At present we have gorgeous various coloured kittens ready to go from Easter 2012.
More information is on the Kittens for Sale Page.



We breed the following colours:-

TABBY COLOURS - Brown Tabby, Blue Tabby, Silver Tabby, Red Tabby, Cream Tabby,
Tortoiseshell Tabby, Blue Tortie Tabby, Blue/Silver Tabby, Red/Silver Tabby,
Cream/Silver Tabby, Silver/Tortie Tabby

SOLID COLOURS - Black, Blue, Black Smoke, Blue Smoke, Tortoiseshell
(All colours with or without white).

On this site you will find general information about the history of the Maine Coon, how to care for your Maine Coon cat or kitten, as well as information about the numerous cat shows that are held around the U.K. There are also more specialised features about breeding Maine Coons, the care of breeding queens and studs, etc.

In the Photo Album there are lots of photographs of my kittens growing up that have been taken by their proud owners. Finally there are some "Silly Pages" to entertain you.

Enjoy the site and, if you are new to the breed, I hope you will come away with an appreciation of Maine Coons and an understanding of why so many people have decided to have (at least) one of these affectionate felines in their lives.

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I am delighted to announce that tarascani.co.uk has been awarded the Pets-direct.net
'Quality Cat Website'!

This award was given due to 5 or more people suggesting tarascani.co.uk as a great resource for cat information in a recent pets-direct.net survey.

A very big "Thank You" to all those people who recommended us

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